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PAKALOHA Care Clinic

Welcome to Pakaloha Care, where the essence of Pakalolo intertwines with the spirit of Aloha. Pakaloha Care Clinic provides comprehensive cannabis certification, cannabinoid therapy, and personalized recommendations tailored to individual health conditions. Our services are available to residents of Oahu and some outer islands

Established with a commitment to compassion, affordability, and accessibility, Pakaloha Care Clinic aims to simplify the process of obtaining cannabis certification while prioritizing patient well-being. Our mission is to facilitate the safe and effective use of medical cannabis through personalized education and dosage guidance. We are dedicated to providing you with the necessary medical cannabis knowledge and support to navigate your journey towards wellness, making the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card as seamless as possible.

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Abby Amirdash, APRN

Abby Amirdash is a dedicated geriatric and acute care nurse practitioner with an extensive career spanning over 20 years. Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Abby pursued her undergraduate education there before embarking on a journey that would lead her to become an accomplished clinician.

Throughout her illustrious career, Abby has seamlessly transitioned & and excelled between various roles; as a clinician, administrator, and educator. Notably, her exceptional clinical prowess earned her consecutive excellence awards at the esteemed University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, Texas where she dedicated 14 years of service.

With a passion for advancing healthcare through holistic approaches, Abby has emerged as a respected authority in cannabinoid therapy. Since 2017, she has served as a medical cannabis consultant and cannabinoid expert, certifying patients in Hawaii and offering invaluable guidance and education on cannabis-related matters. Collaborating closely with fellow clinicians and hospice providers, Abby advocates for comprehensive patient care and shares her expertise to optimize patient outcomes. She established the Pakaloha Care Clinic in November 2022. 

Beyond her clinical practice, Abby is a passionate advocate for the safe and effective utilization of cannabis, particularly in the realms of women's and kupuna health. Her commitment extends to legislative and educational initiatives aimed at destigmatizing cannabis and promoting its therapeutic benefits in Hawaii and beyond.

Driven by her unwavering dedication to patient well-being and her fervent belief in natural healing modalities, Abby Amirdash continues to make significant strides in the field of healthcare, leaving a lasting impact on those she serves and the broader community.

Services Offered

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