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PAKALOHA Care Clinic

Pakaloha's name combines Pakalolo and the spirit of Aloha. Pakaloha care clinic is a nurse practitioner-led cannabis certification, cannabinoid therapy and education service serving Oahu and outer islands. We provide telehealth certification for renewals for our return patients.


Pakaloha care was established to provide compassionate, affordable, and easy access to cannabis certification, and to provide safe and effective use of medical cannabis through education and dosing guidance. Our goal is to provide you with proper medical cannabis education, and dosing guidance and make the experience of getting a medical marijuana card as easy as possible.

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Abby Amirdash, APRN

Abby Amirdash is a geriatric and acute care nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience serving multiple roles as a clinician, administrator, and educator. Born and raised in Beirut- Lebanon, Abby received her undergraduate degree there and in 2013 she graduated as an Adult geriatric acute care nurse practitioner from Texas Women’s University. Throughout her career, Abby has been recognized with multiple awards as a clinician, most notably excellence as a clinician two consecutive years in a row from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center where she worked for 14 years.

 Abby is a cannabinoid expert and holds a wealth of knowledge about cannabis medicine. She has been a medical cannabis consultant & cannabinoid expert since 2017, certifying patients in Hawaii and providing expert recommendations and education about cannabis. She consults with other clinicians & hospice providers around the island to comanage patients. She is passionate about cannabis and is an advocate for the safe & effective use of cannabis, women & kupuna health, and natural healing. She has also been involved in legislative and educational activities in Hawaii to promote the safe and effective use of cannabis & remove the stigma associated with cannabis.

Services Offered

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